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The mission of Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is to “Proclaim Christ and Serve Others”.  While HavestCall is a national organization, our local church helps support the effort through prayer, service projects, and financial support. 

Each year we hold two local HarvestCall events (one in the Spring and one in the Fall) that aim to support international outreach efforts.  We may assemble soup kits, fill backpacks with school supplies, or spend time praying in small groups.

We also support other local ministries, homeless shelters, and food pantries with various collections for food items, supplies, and funds throughout the year. We welcome new service project or fundraising opportunities, so please contact us if you know of a local need. 

Our local church supports and participates in work projects and missions that are organized by the national HarvestCall (e.g. rebuilding in Biloxi, AL after hurricane Katrina, and week-long mission trips to Jamaica or Mexico). We recognize that these mission trips bless the work team at least as much as they benefit the people we go to serve, and we are thankful for these service opportunities!

For more information, contact us or check our calendar to find the date/time of our next local HarvestCall event.  You may also visit the website of the national HarvestCall organization.