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We are a part of the Apostolic Christian Church of America denomination, an Anabaptist-influenced group of churches with a rich heritage of serving Jesus. We are committed to faithfully following the teachings of the Bible as we share the Good News.

The Chicago Apostolic Christian Church has been serving the Chicago area since 1925.  The church was formed during a time period when a number of women from Apostolic Christian churches in Central Illinois moved to Chicago to find employment (often as domestic employees). Though our church building is currently located in the suburb of Hillside, the earliest services were held in the city of Chicago, in the home of Alfred & Caroline Meyer.  In 1937, the congregation moved to a new location in Chicago, on Sunnyside Avenue, and this building was home to the Chicago Apostolic Christian Church until 1972, when the congregation moved to its current location in Hillside. 

Our local congregation represents a wide range of ages and backgrounds.  A registry of names/dates of everyone who has attended our church (to the best of our knowledge) is available upon request. Please contact us if you would like access to these records.